Grandmaster Seminars

Grandmaster Seminars

Welcome, on this page you will find offers for people with desire & mood for further development and potentials!

You know Chackie Chan & Co.?! But do you also know the true masters behind the scene who have made it possible for international stars like Chackie Chan to become stars through their real dedication to the martial art of Kung Fu?

As part of the Grandmaster Seminar Series, we enable all interested martial artists and martial artists of all disciplines to gain an authentic insight into the origins of all Asian martial arts and to be inspired by the most experienced masters of traditional Kung Fu.

In addition, people without martial arts experience have the opportunity - by participating in a Qi Gong seminar - to gain direct access to the most substantial exercises of Qi Gong, based on the experience gained over centuries in the Chinese martial arts for strengthening the body and cultivating the mind.

On 17 February 2023, the Grandmasters Seminars will premiere.

Master Lau Kar Yung from Hong Kong will open the seminar series with a first class Kung Fu, Lion Dance and Qi Gong seminar, providing insight and training in the core elements of traditional Kung Fu.

Grandmaster Lau Kar Yung is the last active member of the most important Kung Fu family of the 2nd half of the last century – the Lau family!

Without their creative power, countless martial arts and combat sport enthusiasts worldwide would never have embarked on the search and journey to these arts. The films of the Lau family have been instrumental in bringing the idea and philosophy of Kung Fu to life in the world and in turn have produced numerous international stars such as Chackie Chan, Gordon Liu, Sammo Hung and many more. World-renowned filmmakers such as Quentin Tarentino, musicians such as the Foo Fighters and countless artists from a wide range of disciplines have also been inspired by the works and kung fu of the Lau family and made visible in their work.

More information on the Lau family can be found at History.

In addition, Master Lau is an outstanding teacher of the "old school", who has imbibed Kung Fu with his mother's milk thanks to his family history. A particularly empathetic person with extraordinary abilities!

There are 3 seminar contents to choose from in the period from 17 February to 22 February 2023:


One seminar: 250 EUR, two of the seminars: 450 EUR, all three seminars: 650 EUR

All seminars are led by Grandmaster Lau Kar Yung at the International Lau Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu Academy in Salzburg at Mirabellplatz 8, in the courtyard!

Car parking spaces are available around Mirabellplatz.

The main railway station is only a few minutes' walk from the International Lau Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu Academy.

Overnight stays at the academy during the seminars are possible by arrangement (sleeping mat and sleeping bag required, no showers). Please specify when registering.

There are also numerous accommodation options in the immediate vicinity of the International Lau Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu Academy in various price ranges.


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