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International Lau Family Hung Kuen Kung Fu Academy

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What is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu means to cultivate a complex ability with absolute devotion up to mastery.

It does not matter if it is about learning an instrument, painting, poetry, visual arts or practicing a martial art - the skill meets the highest standards and impresses with its perfection - this is what we call good Kung Fu!

In the western culture the term Kung Fu is established as a term for traditional Chinese martial arts.

Chinese martial arts went through a historical development of several thousand years. Kung Fu is so strongly interwoven in the Chinese culture that nowadays in all areas of life (schools, banks, business, administration etc.) relics and artefacts related to martial arts can be found as good luck charms or protectors in the form of figures and statues.


Traditional Kung Fu is a martial art and not a combat sport.

As the name martial art implies, the focus of the methods and objectives used in Kung Fu is not the achievement of a "sporting career". Rather, traditional Kung Fu is - in short - an ancient Chinese skill, handed down for centuries and proven to cultivate the body and mind in the best possible way.
In this traditional martial art, learning to fight originally plays the most prominent role.


Kung Fu - the supreme discipline of traditional martial arts

Kung Fu excellently demands and promotes the healthy development of a human being in a holistic way.

This includes a physical, psychological and social level:

  • Concentration and stamina,
  • Coordination and body control,
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem,
  • Strengthening of the body's immune defenses and fitness
  • Fairness and peacefulness,
  • Serenity and humor,
  • Dscipline and mindfulness as well as appreciation and respect.

Who practices good Kung Fu learns real fighting!
The famous Hung Kuen Kung Fu of the world-renowned Lau family is a complete martial arts system using the following methods:

  • Hand and weapon forms (with and without partner)
  • Long, medium and short distance techniques
  • kicks, foot sweeps, throws and leverage techniques
  • 5 animal techniques (dragon, tiger, crane, leopard and snake)
  • Sparring and self-defense
  • Wooden Dummy training and toughening up
  • Teaching theory and historical development
  • Internal training (Qi Gong, meditation, breathing)

Kung Fu =

  • Freedom (free from fears)
  • Abundance (wealth of knowledge & whiteness)
  • Wealth (rich in skills)
  • Peace (inner peace generates outer peace)
  • Power (responsibility for oneself and others)
  • Health (physical and mental)
  • Love (duality and unity)

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